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Welcome to Young and Thrifty – a leading personal finance website for millennials in Canada. It’s your one-stop shop for financial tips and advice and we tackle all the important money matters: everything from easy budgeting to investing to how to save money to credit card reviews.

The website was managed by Kyle Prevost and Justin Bouchard, two Canadian millennial money experts, entrepreneurs, and investors seeking to raise financial literacy among their peers. While Prevost and Bouchard have moved on to other projects, Young and Thrifty has expanded to include a posse of personal finance experts writing about millennial money on a weekly basis. Today, the website is recognized as one of the most popular personal finance websites in Canada and has been featured in major media outlets such as CBC, The Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Maclean’s, MoneySense, and CTV.



Lisa Jackson is Managing Editor of Young and Thrifty, and a freelance writer who contributes to Canadian and international outlets. Her work has appeared in The Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Islands, Al Jazeera, Fodors, The Independent UK, Huffington Post Canada, CAA Magazine, The Food Network Canada, West Jet Magazine, and many others. When she’s not writing from her home office, she’s busy globe-trotting to new destinations in search of her next story.


Jordann Brown is a millennial money expert and personal finance blogger based in Nova Scotia, Canada. Jordann is the founder of the popular personal finance blog, My Alternate Life, and she frequently appears as an expert in Canadian media. When she’s not writing about money, you can find Jordann renovating her 100-year-old home with her husband, walking her rescue dog, or tweeting about money at @myalternateblog.


Tamar Satov is an award-winning journalist specializing in the areas of personal finance and parenting. Her work has appeared in Canadian Living, The Globe and Mail, Today’s Parent, Parents Canada, Walmart Live Better and many other consumer magazines and websites. She is the former Managing Editor of CPA Magazine, for Canada’s Chartered Professional Accountants, and contributes to other publications for finance professionals including FORUM, for Canada’s financial advisors. Tamar is also a big proponent of financial literacy and had a long-running popular blog on the topic, sharing advice and anecdotes on her efforts to raise a money-smart kid. She lives debt-free in Toronto, with her husband and son.


Sandra MacGregor has been writing about finance and travel for nearly a decade. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications like the New York Times, the UK Telegraph, the Washington Post, Forbes.com and the Toronto Star. She spends her free time travelling and has lived around the globe, including in Paris, South Korea and Cape Town.


Hannah Logan is a freelance writer and blogger based in Ottawa. She has a passion for travel that has led her on adventures around the world and her stories have appeared online at Fodor’s Travel, Livestrong, World Nomads, Intrepid Travel, O Magazine, Greedy Rates, and more. You can keep up with her travels at Eatsleepbreathetravel.com.


Daniel Teo is a personal finance expert and travel writer at Urban Departures. He has a passion for financial literacy and a wanderlust that has brought him to over 30 countries. Urban Departures has appeared in The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, CBC and on BNN.


Keph Senett is a Canadian freelance writer with an interest in helping people make solid choices toward debt-free living. Her work has appeared in publications including Al Jazeera America, Greedy Rates, BBC News, and The Globe & Mail.

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