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The Knot versus Wedding Wire

the knot vs weddingwire

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I had no idea that planning a wedding was this stressful!  So many decisions to make.  It is a little all-consuming, really.  Good thing I like researching and Googling and budgeting!

I was worried that I would have to sign up for Pinterest (which I have unfortunately because they grey everything out when you are looking so that you have to sign up) but I haven’t been going on Pinterest very much, though I can see the utility of it when planning and get trying to get ideas for things.

What I found really helpful was signing up for a wedding website.  Lets just say that I think wedding websites are great!  I think it would be much more difficult to plan a wedding without these websites and of course, without the Internet.  Probably would be much more costly too!

As an individual who has liked to support the underdog, I was wary of signing up for The Knot just because that’s the one everyone signs up for and talks about, and that is the one that is the most well-known.  I did end up signing up for it just to review what their budgeting tool looked like.

Here are some of my thoughts between The Knot and Wedding Wire.  Firstly, I like Wedding Wire because they have a Canadian version of their website..  A little difficult to use because we are planning a destination wedding in the United States (you can’t convert the Canadian to American dollars) but it is nice nonetheless, and would be nice were we to be planning a wedding here in Canada.

Budgeting Tool

One of the most important things for my fiancee and I was that we stayed on budget.  So when I stumbled on the budgeting tool, I was very excited because it automatically calculates everything for you and sums everything up (of course, an Excel spreadsheet will do that too, but this is just much more appealing to the eye).

The Knot has a nice aspect of the ‘Budgeter’ because you can input your total wedding budget and it calculates however much amount you should spend on the ceremony, the reception, the attire, the photographer and so forth according the usual percentages spent.  It breaks it down even more when you click on the item, e.g. ceremony.  The downside is that it is a bit simple and not very detailed.  You can’t add any notes to it.

The budgeting tool for Wedding Wire is much more interactive.  I also like the colours.  You can add categories or remove categories and customize it for yourself.  It has spaces for estimated cost, final cost, and payments made, and notes!  It is also easily printable, so I definitely think Wedding Wire is the winner on the budgeting tool.

Your Personal Website

I think most people have seen what the wedding websites for The Knot looks like and have browsed one.  Between The Knot and Wedding Wire, I like Wedding Wire because you can customize it a bit more and it is a bit more ‘clean’.  Some of the website themes for The Knot are a bit cheesy in my opinion.  The other thing about Wedding Wire is that you can password protect it so that only your guests can see it and not the entire Internet.  The good thing about The Knot though is that there are certain website themes you can customize your printed wedding stationary to the website, if you want to be really matchy-matchy.

Interface and Ease of Use

The Knot has more pictures and I guess is more eye catching, their checklist is bigger and easier on the eye, a little less overwhelming than the Wedding Wire checklist.  In The Knot, there is a “My Favourites” section where it seems like you can pin stuff (similar to Pinterest) to review later, which is nice.

Vendors and Reviews

I think both of them have ability to review vendors, I suppose the pictures for The Knot are better than Wedding Wire.  The one downside about the Canadian Wedding Wire is that you can only see vendors in Canada.

Both of them are great, but all-in-all I prefer using Wedding Wire.

Of course, the best thing about both of them is that they are free!

Readers, which one is your preferred wedding website and why?

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