Presidents Choice PC Pet Insurance Review

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Presidents Choice Financial has been a longtime competitor in the banking world, offering no-fee chequing accounts, ATMs at Loblaw’s grocers like Superstore, and even offering free groceries with the Presidents Choice Financial MasterCard.

So when I heard that they had pet insurance, I was intrigued but not too surprised. You can read my follow-up article on the best pet insurance companies in Canada.

I signed up with them thanks to the horrible service by PetCare because my dog was just starting doggy daycare again and I wanted to make sure that he was protected in case he got into a scuffle with the bigger dogs. Yes, I am an anxious dog mom, I admit it.

PC Pet Insurance is underwritten by Western Financial Insurance Company, a company who is based out of Alberta and whose network expands to companies like PetSecure, Marlin Travel, and Western Direct Insurance.

They have four different “plans” ranging from low coverage to ultra coverage. Image credit (PC Pet Insurance).

Here’s my non-solicited opinion on President’s Choice PC Pet insurance review as I recently had to file a claim for an accident for my dog.

Pros of PC Pet Insurance

  • They give you a first month free of pet insurance- Which worked out to be a $50 savings for me. It was good to know that I could “test the waters” for a month before starting to see the insurance get charged to my credit card.
  • It’s easy to sign up– I did so online, after getting a quote online.
  • They give you pet insurance at any age– Many companies are more hesitant to give you pet insurance if your dog isn’t a puppy. My dog is 5 years old and he didn’t get denied.
  • The customer service representatives are nice- They don’t sound like they think you are annoying or wasting their time. They actually sound like they want to help you (as much as that seems contradictory for an insurance company).
  • They give multi-pet discounts– If you are a big animal lover, and you have 3-5 pets, you get a 10% discount. If you have 6 or more pets (really, who can afford 6 or more pets these days??), you get a 15% discount
  • Coverage– This is the standard, beginning after 48 hours of your policy for accidents, and after 14 days for illness. It’s nice to know that this insurance company is similar to the others, being relatively “new in the game” for pet insurance.
  • Premium is individualized– I’m not sure if this is the case for other pet insurance companies, but at PC Pet Insurance, your premium is individualized based on your pet’s breed and also where you live (because veterinary costs are more expensive in certain places compared to others).
  • PC Points-For all you diehard PC Points collectors, if you pay for your insurance with your PC Financial Mastercard, you can get 20 PC points for every $1 of premium that you pay
  • Pretty Cheap-Accident coverage starts at $10.95 per month for dogs and $9.95 per month for cats
  • They Approved my Claim! Most importantly, this company approved my claim without any hassle. The previous pet insurance company that I used seemed to try and dodge every claim I had with BS excuses, and it was really frustrating (frustrating enough that it made me stop the pet insurance).

Cons of PC Pet Insurance

  • Pre-existing Illness-Of course, the underwriters will probably comb through your previous dog’s veterinary records to make sure there was nothing pre-existing when you do your claim. You also have to disclose, at the time of the quote, any current conditions that your dog has or had. For example, my dog had food allergies, so certain illnesses that are manifestations of food allergies (like skin and gastrointestinal issues) are not covered. This is the same with many other pet insurance companies. In fact, Vet Insurance, which is known colloquially as the “gold standard” pet insurance, asks for a veterinary exam before you get approval for pet insurance now.
  • Insurance Documents were delayed-After I signed up for pet insurance and got the email that I was approved, I didn’t even know my policy number or member number. I ended up calling in to ask. They said they would mail me the information. It took quite a few days for the policy package to get to me. However, once it got to me, it was comprehensive and clear to read.
  • Claim Forms- At first I wasn’t able to find the claim form (I think I had to ask the vet for one), but it seems that they have changed their website now and all the claim forms are located clearly on the right-hand side as Adobe PDF files. It also took a while for me to know the result of my claim, though it was much faster than the previous pet insurance company I used.
  • Changing your Plan? If you change your plan you have to resubmit another application for pet insurance. I know that with the previous pet insurance company I used, this was not the case and I would simply call them to change coverage. PC Pet insurance recommends on their website that you pick a plan that will work for your pet throughout its lifetime. I wonder, if you change plans, the pre-existing illnesses will add up? If so that would be pretty terrible.

PC Pet Insurance has been pretty good so far and I am a happy pet insurance customer. I appreciate the friendly customer service, I appreciate that they seem honest and are not trying to gouge me. I also like their simple plans. The previous pet insurance company I used had plans where you could pick to insure certain illnesses from certain body systems (e.g. eyes, ears, nose, throat but NOT digestive disorders). Seems silly to me.

Readers, do you have PC Pet Insurance? Have you had a good experience with them?


Young is a writer and former owner of Young and Thrifty. She lives in Vancouver, BC and enjoys long walks on the beach, spending time with her anxious dog, and finding good deals.

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